Karen Senteio

A Butterfly I Will Be…My Arena

monarchbutterflyI remember how terrified I was to get up in front of people and speak.  The sweating, knot in my stomach out of body experience it was.  It still gives me a jolt but in a different way because my perspective is different.  Same person, different view.  I have been able to recognize self-judgement and crisping criticism and replace it with good enough and embracing imperfection.  I wrote this poem for my first Toastmaster speech and it gave me the courage to do it scared and I have not looked back.
A Butterfly I Will Be
I’m standing at the lectern
And all eyes are on me
My throat is dry and my hands are shaking,
But I say…a butterfly I will be.
I’ve really decided to do this.
I can’t believe I agreed,
But I’ve cancelled can’t and am now willing.
A butterfly I will be.
It’s getting a little easier.
The audience is not the enemy.
I believe I am making a cocoon.
A butterfly I will be.
Then one day, I feel different.
I still feel you looking at me.
And to my surprise, I see you see
Not a caterpillar, but a butterfly, standing in front of thee.