Karen Senteio

A New Year’s REVolution… A New Perspective for an Amazing 2016!

2016It is 2016 and we are looking at a new year and so many options on how to use it. I don’t know about you but I am looking for something different this year. I want something more than a New Year’s resolution. There is nothing wrong with a resolution which means a decision or determination. But they seem so fragile and easy to break. They also have a tendency to have a foundation in scarcity meaning they have a basis in ‘not enough’ which creates angst, anxiety and comparison.


I am not skinny enough, so I want to lose weight… so I can look 20 again
I am not smart enough, so I need another degree to keep up

The low energy that a scarcity goal generates cannot provide enough fuel for a significant life change. It is not a ‘starter’ and it does not create a new story. No wonder resolutions don’t last! Read More