Karen Senteio

Higher Ground Leadership Coaching Programs and Workshops

flowchart or mind map with questionsLeadership is more challenging than ever and ‘old story’ leadership no longer creates the results it once did. Leaders are being called upon to shift the values and cultures of organizations to create institutions of innovation and creativity. Only leaders who are inspired themselves know how to inspire others, who then inspire others, are the leaders of the future and have the ability to create catalytic change. You too can learn how to be a Higher Ground Leader®.

CASTLE Principles®

Courage: Being brave enough to reach beyond the boundaries created by our existing, often deeply held, limitations, fears, and beliefs. Initiating change in our lives, of any kind, is only possible when we are courageous enough to take the necessary action.

Authenticity: Committing oneself to showing up and being fully present in all aspects of life. Removing the mask and becoming a real, vulnerable, and intimate human being, a person without self-absorption who is genuine and emotionally and spiritually connected to others.

Service: Focusing on the needs of others by listening to them, identifying their needs, and meeting them. Being inspiring, rather than following a self-focused, competitive, fear-based approach.

Truthfulness: Being truthful in all thoughts, words, and actions, and listening openly to the truth of others and refusing to compromise integrity or to deny obvious or universal truths, even when avoiding the truth might, on the face of it, seem easier, especially in testing times.

Love: Embracing the underlying oneness with others and life. Relating to and inspiring others and touching their hearts in ways that add to who you both are as persons.

Effectiveness: Being capable of, and successful in, achieving the physical, material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual goals we set in life.


True Leadership…

Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet – thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing – consistently. This builds trust, and followers love leaders they can trust. – Lance Secretan

We cannot be inspiring or inspire others if we exclude them, or disconnect from the whole, and we are most inspiring when we incorporate a connection to a higher presence in ourselves, our work, and our aspirations—honoring the sacredness of everyone. We inspire others when we reduce the circle of those we exclude and widen the circle of those we include—until there is only one circle. – Lance Secretan