Karen Senteio

Life Reinvention Coaching Programs

iStock_000011737820Small-live-lifeEveryone wants to live productive, empowered and meaningful lives. The truth is many of us are not, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you crave inspiration, balance and vitality it is time for Life Reinvention with a focus on authenticity and connection. When you are tired of empty living, unfulfilling jobs, overwhelm and going through the motions it is time for Life Reinvention. When you no longer see you, in your life it’s time to make a change. Life can also feel ‘good’ but not right. You know something has to change. I partner with individuals and groups who have recognized the time for change is now and they are ready for the challenging but inspiring work it will take to reignite and restore passion. It is time to make take action. Contact Karen to discuss a customized approach to ignite inspired living, leading and being.


If there is any point at all to life, surely it is to live out our dreams, to serve, to follow our bliss, to release the music within us, play it with joy and to share it with others? Surely we have a responsibility to finally listen to – and honor – the siren calls of our souls, which have been silenced by our egos throughout our lives? How else can we connect with our essence, the source of our calling? – Lance Secretan

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. – C.S. Lewis