Karen Senteio

Joy to Stuff Ratio

I have a confession to make. I am a ‘doing’ junkie. I love the ‘pursuit’ and the ‘getting’ but sometimes miss the joy of just being and seeing. I think it is a combination of my own wiring and conditioning that can blind me to the gifts that can be found in just being aware of what is right in front of me. How many precious miracles and opportunities can be missed by dashing to the next base?

What could be if you decided I have too much stuffto create a year of taking amazing steps (big and small) that bring you joy AND relish every second of each step as it builds towards the next. When you get the urge to prematurely move on, ask yourself have I learned all I can and have I done all that I can do to make this moment magnificent?” If the answer is yes, move on. If no, look for the gift you were ready to leave behind.

If there is anything that this long recession has taught me, it is to evaluate what is really important, to be more reflective and really see what is in front of me. A while ago, I heard the term joy to stuff ratio which means the time a person spends enjoying life versus the time a person spends accumulating things or earning money. If taking amazing steps that bring me joy is a goal, then a high joy to stuff ratio is a must.

For a ‘doing’ junkie, grasping this term is like a personal intervention.   The four word epiphany is simple, but powerful. Deciding that joy is far more important than stuff is a big deal. It is scary, exhilarating and liberating. It is scary in the sense that you are now open to new things or old things that you stuffed prematurely away in a closet.   You are now opening that door and your heart is pounding, but you are doing it anyway. The door creaks, but it is opening. It is exhilarating and liberating because you are now free to think and explore instead of boxing yourself into the previously held expectations and mindset of a stuff gatherer. You are no longer constrained with self-limiting beliefs.

The tingling in your spine is a new or forgotten friend. It is joy. It is for you to look at, dust it off and step into it. Don’t get me wrong. I still do like stuff, but joy is what sustains me and gives me the ability to take the steps to living the wholehearted life that I want. Stuff cannot do that.

When the alarm goes off on Monday morning, I am not going to think about stuff I have to do or get, but the steps I am going to take in the pursuit of joy determined by me for me.   The stuff will come, but as a byproduct, not a driver.

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