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Karen Senteio

Hello.  The past year has been challenging for all of us and it has taught me so much about myself, others and the power of resiliency and intention.  It has given me a new lens through which I see the world.  Setting an intention, sets you on a new courageous path.  A colleague asked me what are my values and I was able to answer confidently COURAGE, CONNECTION and FREEDOM.  He then said, what does it mean to live them in all their forms?  A more significant question.  It means that I cannot only want it for myself, I must passionately want them for everyone and be of service in helping them find their own and activate them in how they live, love, work and lead. 

Congruency matters.  I work with leaders ready to UNAPOLOGETICALLY harness their greatest power for the greatest good.  To find meaning in their work.  I work shoulder to shoulder to ACTIVATE your internal compass so that you embody INSPIRATION and COURAGE as a daily practice.  It is not about being fearless.  It is about the willingness to wade through vulnerability despite the fear because what is on the other side can no longer wait. 

Karen is a certified Executive Coach and Consultant with over 30 years’ experience in corporate and non-profit environments and owner of Karen Senteio Consulting where she specializes in courageous leadership. She works with leaders and organization ready to unapologetically harness and leverage their greatest power for their greatest good. She is a certified Practitioner of the Shift Positive 360 methodology, certified Lumina Spark Practitioner, and a certified Brené Brown Daring Way™ Facilitator.  She partners with leaders and organizations looking to open their hearts and minds to a different way of leading. She works shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders and organizations to lean into vulnerability as a key lever to dramatically inspire their leadership practice and creating courageous organizations powered by connection, engagement and belonging. She believes in partnering with leaders to create their unique blueprint with dynamic toolkit for sustainable inspiration, resilience, advocacy, and impact so they can show up, be seen and lead brave.

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I want to talk to you. Contact me to discuss what matters to you, get clear on your goals and how you want to show up in the world.  Change how you live, love, parent or lead for the better. Live ALIVE!

Learn more about Karen Seneio by reading my Capability Statement (pdf).

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