Karen Senteio

Monday with Dylan

Bob DylanBob Dylan was already rocking it out when I was born so I find my fascination with him intriguing.  I am attracted to the energy of inspiration and he has plenty of that.  I would dare to say eclectic energy that is unique, powerful and soulful.  He is a poet and a master.  It was a pleasant surprise to see Bob gracing the cover of The AARP magazine February/March edition.  I spent this lovely Monday morning reading the interview which is the first he has done in almost three years.  He talks about life in his 70s and his new album of standards, family and who and what inspired him.  One thing that I know for sure about Bob Dylan is that he knows what it means to go into the arena.  Through his long career that continues today, he steps through the door of the unknown sure of who he is but not always sure of what is beyond the door, but willing to courageously step in anyway.  And, he does it for the love of what he is passionate about and not for fame or fortune.  He inspires me because he lives with an open heart, imperfect, adventurous and principled in his own Dylan way.  Liking that.  A Monday with Dylan is the best way to start a week and his new album is a definite must.

I change during the course of a day. I wake and I’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else.

~Bob Dylan