Karen Senteio

No Vacation…On My!

summer-vacation-beach‘Who Killed Summer Vacation’ has made the June cover of Time magazine.  Each year Americans are taking less and less vacation with more and more demanding work schedules and responsibilities.  The end result is an overworked you that does not produce your best work and life ‘outside’ of work takes a hit.  I am a big fan of hard work, but constant striving with no release is a recipe for chronic exhaustion and mental depletion.  We work better when we have an opportunity to unplug and refresh.  Through the years, we adopted the mindset of rewarding exhaustion and ignoring the costs.  It is time to let go of exhaustion as a status symbol.  The Time article supports the issue that we are leaning more and more into burnout and creating a ‘no-vacation nation’ with 61% of those surveyed planning to work during their time off, 40% siting being overworked as the main reason for skipping vacation and $52.4 billion total of free work hours racked up in 2013 for vacation days not taken and lost.   So:

  • Take your paid time off – companies ARE providing the opportunity; you can reverse this trend
  • Your work and YOU are better when you have time to stop, rinse and recycle
  • When on vacation….be on vacation – give others the opportunity to solve, create and innovate

So, the ball is in your court.  What are you going to do?