Karen Senteio

I could not have transitioned from being unemployed as effectively and efficiently without the coaching and mentoring from Karen. Not only did she work with me successfully go through the phases of change, she also helped me to prepare for next roles. She was very proactive in reaching out to me to ensure that I was doing ok throughout the process. Thank you so much again Karen for your guidance. More importantly, thank you for being there to support me during a very challenging period.
John Hoang, New Haven, CT

I began using Verve life coaching services about six months ago. I am fifty-five years old and thought it was time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.
Through Karen Senteio’s coaching approach, I have become cognizant of what I need out of life. And I learned not to waste time and effort on endeavors that do not meet those needs without feeling I have failed. I am excited to explore whole new areas of knowledge, including creating my own business, and enter this stage of my life. I have truly discovered my verve!
Carla Simmons, Plainville, CT

Spending time with Karen Senteio is to quickly connect her intuitive spirit to yours. She wants you to have what she has — a passion-filled life. Her intent is for you to uncover your calling, live it and share it, and your music, with the world. Her energy is contagious and she will challenge you to go to new places and discover amazing things about yourself. I am proud that she has chosen to be a Higher Ground Leadership® Pathfinder.
Dr. Lance Secretan
Founder, The Secretan Center Inc.

Working with Karen was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. I was stuck, spinning my wheels, feeling adrift. From the very first meeting, Karen listened with compassion and offered clear, thoughtful feedback and guidance. Not only is she an expert in Dr. Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability and B.R.A.V.I.N.G., she is incredibly empathetic, funny, smart, and easy to talk to. After six months with Karen as my coach I have thrown off the old armor that kept me stuck, and am ready to move forward with the strength of my whole-hearted, imperfect truth. As she stated in our first meeting – her work as a coach isn’t to give you something new, it’s to help you dig out what is already there. This is indeed what she was able to do for me. I am now moving forward armored in B.R.A.V.I.N.G. and vulnerability, and know that when I get stuck in the arena, I will have the tools to stand up and keep going!
– B.Man

A day of dance, yoga, and contemplation mixed with laughter was just what I needed to restore my soul. I received this and more at Karen’s workshop. Her ability to facilitate thoughtful conversation is amazing. She used “the wisdom in the room” to provide insight and solutions to our struggles. Weeks later a post card arrived in my handwriting as a reminder of the commitment I made to introduce positive change in my life. It was an amazing experience and I plan to attend her future workshops.
Anne DiNoia
(Referring to the Exhale Workshop)

Karen has been an integral part of my personal growth journey. She acted as my sounding board, providing encouragement and positive re-enforcements while constantly stretching my comfort zone boundaries. Karen is a great “up- lifter” – She empowers you with the right action plan and resources that help you follow through.

Sreela Gopinath, CT

Karen is a gifted speaker and workshop leader. She is passionate about helping people to live their lives fully and has developed specific professional programs to support them in becoming fully who they are meant to be. She combines years of professional leadership in corporate America with an in depth knowledge of human well-being and human potential. I highly recommend Karen and her programs.

Judi Neal,Chairman, Edgewalkers International

Karen helps people identify roadblocks and apply custom solutions using a nurturing approach. Her extensive life experiences and acute listening skills provide a powerful combination to assist people with setting their life direction. The workshops that Karen hosts provide incredible value; I’ve always found them insightful. I highly recommend Karen.

Mylinda Howard-Oliva

I have worked with Karen in collaboration on projects, and have seen her in action coaching others. Karen exemplifies her company name, Verve. She lives with that type of high-performance and edgy energy and influences and inspires others to do the same. Karen will help support, push, cajole and educate…and then when you need it provide a good kick in the seat as well. She moves people forward and cares deeply that they manage their personal lives so that they create the life they dream of and deserve.
Jill Berquist, PCC, Executive and Leadership Coach