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Powerful communication that creates and nourishes interpersonal connection is an art. And to make it impactful takes heart!

Attend a Teleconference Series or Create a Customized Program delivered on your premises!

Meaningful Interpersonal Communication Involves Dialogue. While texts, instant messages, Facebook posts, and 140 character tweets are increasingly defining our manner of communicating with each other, real, meaningful interpersonal connections still occur real time and involve dialogue. The long term success of your personal and professional relationships depends upon your communication skills. And the self-speak in which we engage – how we explain failure, disappointment and success to ourselves informs how we will perform. We literally tell ourselves into being.

Focused on Three Critical Areas of Your Life

Karen Senteio and Julie Connelly (www.liferecrafted.com) are both ICF certified life coaches and trainers with a combined 50 years of corporate experience. Together, they are facilitating three series of teleconferences focused on the three most critical areas of your life: your work, your relationships and YOU. Join us and learn how to have empowered conversations at work, within your relationships and with yourself – your most important audience.

Each Teleconference Series Includes:
  • Three one recorded monthly hour calls
  • One 30 minute call before the series begins to customize the objectives for the group
  • Materials for each topic
  • Links to articles, videos and/or Ted Talks
  • A closed Facebook page to continue the dialogue and provide ongoing group support that will be available to all present and past session attendees


Each series of three calls will have a maximum group size of six to encourage meaningful interaction and participation between group members. These are not just talks. These calls are collaborative sessions designed to foster action and accountability! Links to relevant articles, videos and/or Ted Talks will be sent two to three weeks in advance of the meeting along with some thought questions that will serve as a starting point for the discussion.

Cost: Only $249 per series per person. If you sign up for more than one series, you will receive a 15% discount on the others.

On Demand Scheduling
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Professional Series: The heART of Direct Communication

Saying What Needs To Be Said: Giving Feedback With heART
Leveraging Strengths and Balancing Blind Spots
Translating Failure Into Learning

Interpersonal Series: How to talk with heART

Having Difficult Conversations With heART
Establishing Boundaries Through Language
Overcoming Over-Giving

Personal Series: The heART of Self-Talk

Learning Resilience: Explaining Failure and Disappointment
Achieving Personal Balance
Pursuing Excellence Instead of Perfectionism

Design Your Own Series

Are you a company, organization or group who want to engage in meaningful, structured group dialogue around topics that are important to you business or group? You can suggest three topics that are relevant for you or your organization, and we will provide supporting materials and facilitate the calls or in person sessions.

Before the series begins we will ensure we understand the desired outcomes the organization and members want to achieve, and establish mutually agreed upon objectives. Optimum group size: between four and six people for calls. Note: group size can be discussed for live workshops.

From Our Clients

I engaged Julie and Karen with The heART of Communication to help our management team and trainers with their communication skills – specifically how to effectively engage with each other and with their employees, including how to approach and conduct difficult conversations. Our collaboration included two interactive workshops and a series of 4 monthly peer group meetings.

I am pleased with the successful implementation of the program, peer cohort coaching and my team’s application of the concepts. I have seen improvements in consistency and clarity of messages, conflict management and peer collaboration.

What I appreciate most about working with Julie and Karen is their ability to create a relationship with me and my team to understand our pain points, customize the program to meet our specific needs and make adjustments as needed to create successful sustainable results.

Karen Bentlage, Regional Developer, European Wax Center

Popular Topics

Popular topics include work/life integration, conflict resolution, cultural alignment, emotional intelligence, cultivating powerful peer relationships, bias in the workplace, learning the art of influence, storytelling for impact, mindfulness, decision making, resilience, change management and many more.

If you would like to design your own, contact me at 860.500.7595. For an additional fee, all workshops can be facilitated in person and on your premises. Contact me to discuss details.

Empowered Living

Stiletto Dialogue_Sleek Red

The Stiletto Dialogue
Conscious Conversations Captivating Women
Free Call Series!

When we commune and talk about what matters, we become better. When we open up our hearts to new possibility, hope rises. And, when we share our lessons and experiences, we become courageous. Welcome to The Stiletto Dialogue.

Sample of ‘Our Culture of Never Enough’ discussion click start button below.

The Schedule

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Reclaim Your Tiara

Reclaim Your Tiara Series

Many of us feel pulled in so many directions that after a while, we become disconnected from ourselves – from our values, from what matters to us. We start to live inside of someone else’s story. You are smart, talented and creative so how did this happen? It happens to the best of us; we let go of our power – it’s called a power leak! Over-giving at work and at home becomes ‘giving in’ and it is taking its toll. The tiara series is about empowerment in all aspects of our lives. It is ensuring that ‘power leaks’ don’t cause us to lose focus on what is important and make decisions that are out of alignment to our goals and values. The Tiara Series is an infusion of inspiration that will put you on the right track.

Reclaim Your Tiara – Eliminate Power Leaks Workshop

In this POWERFUL one-day workshop you will walk away with:

    • A deeper understanding of what personal power is and how to set boundaries in order to own the space you inhabit.
    • An awareness of the obstacles that threaten your power and how to address them.
    • An ability to distinguish between the things you have control over in life and those you do not; and how to let go of the latter!
    • A greater sense of empowerment and confidence that you can live with intention instead of fear.
  • An action plan that you can put in place today to take charge of your happiness.

Scheduled on Demand

Reclaim Your Tiara – Establish Boundaries for Balance Workshop

After attending this empowering one-day workshop you will learn how to:

    • Communicate your needs clearly (and without guilt).
    • Create the necessary space in your life in order to figure out what YOU want.
    • Renegotiate parameters in your professional and personal relationships.
    • Practice non-possessive warmth; learn the difference between support and enablement.
  • End the habit of people-pleasing.

Scheduled on Demand

Reclaim Your Tiara – Reclaim Your Voice Workshop

Learn in a supportive one day workshop about the power of language and how to use it effectively in order to:

    • Communicate your needs at work and at home.
    • Assert your own identity in relationships.
    • Reinforce your self-worth in conversations with yourself.
    • De-catastrophize disappointment and failure.
  • Negotiate the things that matter to you.

Scheduled on Demand

Inspired Working and Living


Higher Ground® Leadership Workshop

Leadership is more challenging than ever and ‘old story’ leadership no longer creates the results it once did. Leaders are being called upon to shift the values and cultures of organizations to create institutions of innovation and creativity. Only leaders who are inspired themselves know how to inspire others, who then inspire others, are the leaders of the future and have the ability to create catalytic change. You too can learn how to be a Higher Ground Leader®

What You Will Experience:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Retention of top performers
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Profitability


    • Effective coaching significantly improves ROI— survey conducted by MetrixGlobal indicated coaching produced a 529% ROI
    • Improved employee satisfaction and engagement
    • An effective leadership coaching model that produces Higher Ground Leaders® capable of creating inspiring organizations
    • Improved communication, collaboration and teamwork
    • Better decision making
    • More creativity and innovative problem solving
    • Significantly improve employee engagement—engagement affects the bottom line
  • Ability to develop effective engagement strategies to meet the needs of a diverse workforce

* This workshop is a customized program for organizations – contact me for a consultation

Webinar and Teleconference Topics

Customized for your group!



Cultivating Courage

Social + Emotional Intelligence

Regain Your Balance

Stress Management


Aligned Choice

Confidently You

Thriving in the Midst of Change

Circle of Care